Different Types Of Car Foot Mat And Their Benefits For Your Car Decor

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Choosing the right car foot mat for your car decor is an important task!

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Cars are becoming more of a necessity than a luxury, and the number of private vehicles is increasing by the day. Not all people can afford new cars and drive them off the dealer’s lot. The second-hand market takes up the responsibility of satisfying these low-budget consumers. Reliable brands are offering used cars that they’ve checked and refurbished. Car monkey used cars are an example of such a dealership.

But even in trusted products like car monkeys used cars, some attention should be given to parts that require regular rough use. A very common part that people overlook is the car’s foot mat. The car foot mat sees more wear and tear than any other part inside the car. From spilled drinks to rips and snags, the foot mat has to endure a lot. There are different types of car foot mats made from different materials and for different uses. Selecting the right floor mat is more important than it seems to be.

Let us look at some common types of car foot mat and their benefits : 

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Carpet Floor Mats

Unlike their name, these floor mats are nothing like the carpets used in houses. They have synthetic fibers on them, which efficiently trap debris and keep the floor clean. This debris can also be cleaned very easily. Some of these floor mats come with water-absorbing fibers. Thus, this makes them very useful in wet conditions too.

Rubber Floor Mats

These are probably the most commonly seen floor mats in this list. This is mainly due to the durability of the rubber compound used. They are thick and waterproof and can coast through almost any weather condition. They are easy to clean and use too. The only downside to these floor mats is the lack of stylish designs, even after being as expensive as fancy floor mats. They’re made in plain colors with simple patterns. 

3D Floor Mats

These floor mats are pretty expensive and are considered a premium product. They come in many colors and designs, and as the name suggests, they have 3-dimensional designs. They have grooves that trap the dirt and debris in them, giving the best feel for your bare feet. But since the grooves offer limited space for dirt collection, these floor mats get dirty very quickly. If you don’t mind regular cleaning and prioritizing ambiance, these floor mats are the way to go.

Transparent Plastic Floor Mats

These mats are very economical and offer great functionality for their price. They are easy to install and can withstand heat and moisture. The only issue with these waterproof mats is the design. Transparent designs don’t look that good as floor mats, and there’s not much to do to integrate them into the interior of your car.

Curly/Nomad Mats

These mats come in various colors and are very dependable. They have fibers with curls on end, allowing them to trap dirt much more efficiently. Moreover, these curls keep your feet from touching the dirt and feel nice on the feet. They’re also capable of soaking up water and can reduce damage from spillage.

Premium Fabric Mats

This is a high-end option made from top-quality materials and maximum functionality. They have waterproof cushions inside, giving comfort without compromising on functionality. They can be installed and cleaned very easily too. However, these mats lack personalization and come with standard features for newer cars. 

Cargo Liners

These aren’t technically the same as floor mats but aim to achieve the same results. They are used in the trunk of your car to protect its floor. The trunk floor sees more damage than the interior floor of the car. This is mainly due to loading dirty items like sports equipment and constant spillages from loads like groceries. There are carpet-based and rubber-based options for cargo liners, and both are great at what they were made to do.

While shopping for car mats, preference should be given to features that are useful to you, and car monkey used cars can help you to find the suitable mat for your car. Other than the theme, color, or other factors contributing to its visual appeal, functional factors should also be given equal consideration. Selection should be based on your lifestyle and personality. This will ensure the mat can cater to your needs in the long run. 

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