Super Home Remedies For Dry Cracked Heels

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Winters are such fun. Hot cappuccino, paranthas of all kinds, piping hot biryani, or south Indian delicacies. And on top of it, lovely Pashminas, overcoats, gloves, and all that. You get to enjoy life the most in the chilly weather. But for dry cracked heels or fissures.

Well, dry cracked heels and cracked heels fungus are signs of skin conditions, thyroid and weight issues, vitamin deficiency, and aging. So, if you are facing dry or painful cracked heels, you need to rush to a health care provider or follow these natural remedies to help maintain optimal heel health.

cracked heels remedy

Some super home remedies are:

Lemon Juice

Since lemon has acidic properties, it softens heel skin. Soak your feet in a bucket of lukewarm water containing lemon juice for 10-15 minutes. After a few minutes, clean your feet with a pumice stone and pat your feet dry.


Honey is not only suitable for weight loss; it is also effective in cracked heels treatment. To reap the benefits, soak your feet in a tub of water and mix 2-3 tbsp of honey in warm water. Let your feet remain soaked for 15 minutes. This will leave your feet feeling supple and moisturized.


The body, as you know, needs to be kept hydrated. This helps in preventing your feet from going dry. Drink 10-15 glasses of water daily to restore elasticity to your feet.

Petroleum Jelly

Regularly scrub your heels with a pumice stone and then put petroleum jelly on them. This will help you say goodbye to healing dryness.

Rosewater And Glycerine

Fight dry cracked heels by mixing equal amounts of rosewater and glycerine and applying the mixture over cracked heels. This should keep your toe skin softer for many hours, so much so that you can walk barefoot and feel the difference. If any of the fissures are open or bleeding by any chance, this solution for cracked heels could cause a sting because of alcohol-contained glycerine.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Foods such as flaxseeds, flaxseed oil, even cold-water fish have high levels of Omega-3 in them. This helps them bring a drastic relief from dry cracked heels. You can safely call Omega-3 a natural remedy for cracked heels.

Vitamin E And Iron

Essential Vitamin E, when added to your diet, helps to heal painful cracked heels. Since foods such as green vegetables, vegetable oils, nuts, and whole grains have high amounts of Vitamin E, try to include them in your diet. Since iron is a surprising remedy solution for cracked heels, include enough meat, chicken, and fish in your diet.


Watch your calcium intake to improve the state of your cracked heels. Include dietary foods like milk and cheese, yogurt, broccoli, and fish, as these are natural remedies for cracked heels.

Paraffin Wax

Tackle painful cracked heels by mixing paraffin wax with mustard oil till the time the wax melts. Apply the liquid to your feet and leave it overnight. Wash your feet the next dawn to see the results.

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