Diversity In The Workplace – Why It Is Important?

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Is diversity in the workplace a necessity?

diversity in the workplace

Imagine a group of children, belonging to different backgrounds and ethnicity, playing football. The fun and collaboration they bring in change the beauty and range of the game. Now imagine another group of children, from similar backgrounds, playing the game—can they deliver the variety and individuality? 

The sameness of the group is a major cause that brings boredom and monotony to the audience looking on. It is this very philosophy that applies to a successful vs. average organization. A successful organization happens not just by qualified but by a “diverse” workforce whose individual talent combined helps the company to break the barriers of challenge and task, creating a lasting impact. 

Benefits of Diversity


So, what makes diversity the winning edge in the corporate world? It breeds innovation, which triggers business success. Diversity is an important tool to bring in a fresh outlook to age, gender, culture, experiences, and perspectives. It’s not something nice to have. It is necessary. And why so? It can attract top talent, improve employee performance and productivity, facilitate better orientation with customers, and enhance decision-making. It also helps create a global mindset and cultural appreciation. Diversity is a way of life that respects all kinds of people and the differences they bring to the fabric of growth.

Is diversity being followed with full force? Achieving diversity is not smooth as it may look. It requires a lot of work to make it ideal and interesting. The low percentage of women working in the technology, finance, the engineering sector is a case in point that will need many years to bridge the gap. The onus lies on the companies to create the next level of leaders at all levels. This calls for a major investment from the companies to attract, mentor, and keep the right talent and ‘diverse’ pool.

The Glassdoor survey is an eye-opener—67 percent of the workers surveyed feel diversity in the workplace is an important consideration in evaluating the job offers and the employers. It also means that if the company is not making enough efforts to promote diversity, it is missing out on the right talent— a big-wake-up call for many organizations, small and big.

Is there a quick fix here? Any magic? Nope, but some things can help bring “diversity” across all aspects of corporate life.

Here are some easy-going tips that will stimulate diversity in the workplace:  


Introduce your team members

If you know a competent woman at your workplace who is feeling disheartened about not getting the due recognition, take out the time to introduce her to the seniors (even juniors). This will be a friendly approach towards building gender appreciation and dropping the cue that female strength works not only in the confines of the kitchen but also in the male-dominated corporate world.

Invite non-managers in the communication mainframe

Many workplaces target only managers, leaving out the clerical and non-technical staff. Inviting non-managers to diversity workshops can help the firms work to the vision of inclusive approach and adaptive human resources.     

Keep the focus on workplace issues, not on non-workplace matters

There is always the possibility of personal issues stepping into fulfilling work goals, performance, and career choices. A case in point—women who must pause their careers to take care of their aging parents/in-laws and/or growing children. This is a challenge to manage well with a proper delegation and job division at home.

Be Flexible

‘The straw that bends’ is a sensible ideology that organizations must adapt in handling the workforce and recruiting fresh talent. It shows how diversity in workplaces can work out irrespective of caste or gender. 

Skip doing ‘copy and paste’

Every organization is unique. Taking shortcuts is an approach that doesn’t work in the longer run. Being individual helps in making diversity click.       

That we are in the 21st century is a given. But to make the organization a 21st- century workplace calls for embracing people from every background and every experience. Stay competitive and to do that divergent and inclusive cultures need reinforcement.  

Deepika Dewan

I am an experienced professional in content writing. Start my day with feeding pets. Write on subjects close to my heart. Wish to explore destinations, cuisines, and new opportunities. Life is unexpected, so keep praying and thanking.

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