10 Interesting Facts about Queen Elizabeth II that will moist your eyes

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Queen Elizabeth II was the second-longest reigning monarch in the world, who passed away at 96 on Thursday, 8 September 2022. Few of us know a few facts about Queen Elizabeth II that will leave us in awe of her. I dedicate this post to Queen Elizabeth, who was an institution in herself. Her demise leaves a deep void in politics, royalty, and humanitarian efforts.

Facts About Queen Elizabeth II

facts about queen elizabeth II

Fact 1 : Queen Elizabeth never went to school

The Queen had private tutors who taught her various subjects like constitutional history, law, and the French language. She missed getting a formal education.

Fact 2 : She had a personal fashion designer

Norman Hartnell became the royal family’s official designer. He crafted the wedding gown of Princess Elizabeth and also her outfit for the coronation ceremony. Hartnell created nine versions of the dress. Finally, the Queen settled for one that had a floral emblem for every country in the British dominion.

Fact 3 : One jewel in her crown is a Kohinoor from India

The 105-carat Kohinoor diamond, often touted as the most precious diamond in the World, is the proverbial jewel in Queen Elizabeth’s crown. With the Queen’s demise, Camilla Parker Bowles (Queen consort of the United Kingdom) will wear the Kohinoor.

Fact 4 : Longest-Reigning Monarch

Queen Elizabeth was the longest-reigning female monarch on the world map and the longest-reigning British monarch. She symbolized stability in an era of social and political upheavals. She reigned longer than her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria who served as a monarch for a good 63 years.

Fact 5 : No Room for Passport or Driver’s License

Queen Elizabeth is the only person in the United Kingdom to not require a driver’s license. Other members of the royal family, such as the Prince of Wales and the late Duke of Edinburgh, have passports.

Fact 6 : She adored her royal pet, Corgis

Corgis is no ordinary pet but has been the Queen’s first and long-loved pet companion. In the event of her death, Corgis and other royal dogs may likely go to palace staff. It is believed that the Queen had about four dogs. She even created a hybrid breed called the “dorgi.”

Fact 7 : She has been portrayed on the silver screen

The Queen has been portrayed in over 200 fictional films, documentaries, and television series. The Netflix show “The Crown” had British actress Claire Foy play the role of the monarch.

Fact 8 : She isn’t Britain’s richest person

Sounds strange, right? Queen Elizabeth’s net worth, according to The Sunday Times, is 370 million pounds, which comes from her jewels, investments, and two castles. Her fortune is modest compared to other royals like the Duke of Westminster, whose net worth is 10 billion pounds.

Fact 9 : She bought her wedding dress from WW-2 ration coupons

Two years after World War 2, the then Princess Elizabeth bought the material for her wedding dress from the clothing ration coupons. She was given hundreds of clothing coupons from brides-to-be belonging to various parts of the UK to help her buy the dress.

Fact 10 : She was a truck driver volunteer during World War 2

Before she became UK’s monarch, Princess Elizabeth volunteered as a mechanic and truck driver during the war.

queen elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth celebrated her Platinum Jubilee in 2022. She had two birthdays–one in April and the official one in June and had 30 godchildren. Given her height, she emphasized wearing neon and pastel shades to help people glimpse her during official engagements.

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