Fashion Related Words You Should Know

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Need to level up your fashion knowledge? Learn these often used fashion-related words and their meaning. So that you never feel clueless the next time someone talks about it.


Couture - fashion term

You all must be aware of big fashion houses and designers who design clothes on customers’ orders with specific requirements and details. These are couture outfits. Thus, the term couture is used for the designing and manufacturing of expensive, fashionable custom-made clothes according to one’s requirements and measurements. Couture outfits are produced in limited quantities and are expensive as compared to ready-made clothes. Additionally, yet being high in range, couture outfits are adored by all.


Ensemble - fashion term

Every one of you loves to dress elegantly from top to bottom. You try to create a perfect combination that makes your accessories complement what you are wearing. So, you buy a beautiful set of clothing with matching accessories to nail that look of yours. And what you did with your whole attire is that you created a glam outfit known as an ensemble. The term is referred to an outfit complete with accessories and all. In short, fashion designers use this term ensemble for creating a complete look that involves apparel plus accessories.


Label - fashion word

There are two sets of fashion designers in the industry. One who work under other brands or labels. And the second are those who start their own set of a clothing line. If a fashion designer has their clothing line, then that particular set of the clothing line is known as a label or more specifically a fashion label. A label is used for designers who make ready-made outfits in limited quantities.

Brand and Label are both separate terms. Various labels can exist under one brand and also a label can exist separately without any brand. A label usually consists of a smaller team as compared to a brand. The outfits designed under these fashion labels are less in number, high in quality, extremely gorgeous, and costly. It might also have the charm to become a brand in the future with expansion through awareness and engagement within the public.


Silhouette - fashion term

Okay! Here’s what the word silhouette means in a layman’s language. It is the dark shape and outline of a person, place, or object visible in a brighter background. For example, black in shape with a white background. Got it! And similarly the fashion case. Assuming you are a fashion designer and you are supposed to design an outfit, what will you do? Try to create a design by drawing it on paper. Right! And the shape that you give to your design, suppose you created a design of an A-Line outfit, or a flared dress, that shape is called silhouette. Thus, the term silhouette in the fashion industry is used for the shape or outline of an outfit. Silhouette can be of any type, such as A-line, straight, flared, etc.


Fashion-forward fashion term

You know there’s always this one person you know who can just pull up any look with any pair of clothing they buy or can just recycle their old clothes with their awesome choice in clothing, be it regarding color combination or styling, or anything in fashion. Hence, you can ask them whatsoever question, suggestion in fashion and there they are with the solution. Right! Well, with their unique ideas and fashionable skills, that person is what is considered to be the future of the fashion industry as they are well aware of what might become a trend in the future.

With that being said, the term fashion-forward can be used to refer to a person, which is what we just talked about and the latter is for style. So, for the latter, the term fashion-forward is used for clothing that’ll become a trend in the future. This means that there are some fashion styles, let’s say which are evergreen, loved by everyone, and are just so stunning that even though they are not at this time being followed by people but that doesn’t mean their existence in the fashion world is lost. To sum up, fashion-forward refers to styles that are just wow. And might not at this time be in fashion but will rock in the future for sure.


Hemline - fashion related word

Have you ever noticed the line that is formed by the lower edge of your clothes, let’s say in a dress or something? Well that’s what is called the hemline or hem of an outfit. The term Hemline refers to the lower edge of a garment, such as a skirt, dress, or coat, measured from the floor. Also, sometimes hemline is referred to as the hem of an outfit. The hemline of any can be either, short, medium, long, or any other. It depends on the clothing style. A perfect hemline length according to your body structure can do wonders with your whole look.

In Vogue

In vogue - fashion related word

We all live in an era full of trends. Where every minute there is some new trend coming up for the world. And through social media and peer pressure, there is this urge in people to keep up with ongoing style trends to look good. So, if you wear something that is currently in trend or is say may be trending in the fashion industry, then for that here comes in vogue.

The term In Vogue speaks for currently in trend or in style fashion. And that fashion trend includes everything from what style to go for to accessories that match with the style. To clear up, if you are all about fashion then you supposedly must know what’s in vogue and what’s not for a particular season or an occasion. Also, through the use of social media nowadays you never know you may someday create your own style as in vogue.


Off-the-rack fashion related word

Off-the-rack is another version of the term, ready-made, from which you all are aware. You know the apparel stores where you spend hours finding that perfect outfit of your size from a whole load of clothing displayed in that particular store well that displayed items that are in standard sizes are what is called ready-made clothing. And what you do is you search for your size, buy that, and poof…you’re all set to wear it. These clothing are of standard sizes to fit everyone.

Thus, the term off-the-rack is used for ready-made outfits in standard sizes which are made to be worn as it is, without any alterations. Off-the-rack items are generally in larger quantities, keeping in mind their availability for people in stores. Off-the-rack items as you know are ready-made clothing in standard sizes for all so in that case, the term can be used for both offline and online stores.


If you are someone pursuing a career in fashion, or just someone with an interest, then this blog is for you. You must have at least heard some of the above-mentioned fashion-related words. Either through fashion news and interviews. Or on social media, fashion influencers, fashion designers, fashion brands and stores, or in-person from someone you may know. So you already must have a prior idea about the existence of the term and its meaning. But, if you are new to these terms, just get yourself started immediately with learning these commonly used fashion-related words in the industry. So you’d never feel left out in such a conversation. Also, even if you are familiar with them, there is still no harm in recalling your knowledge and skills related to fashion, by grasping some fashion terms again. Right! Just go for it and start learning.

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