What’s This Hype Of Fast Fashion?

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What comes to your mind when you hear fast? Something quick, snappy, easily adaptable. Right?

Well… you’re right!

Now wondering how come this applies to the fashion industry?

It does actually. Keep reading!

Fast fashion clothing

The fashion industry as you know is an enormous, attractive, and appealing industry. No person could just ignore this one. You will find different styles of fashion anywhere you look. Basically, you are surrounded by this one. No matter what your place is, or gender, or age, you all are well aware of this industry.

Over a year or two, there has been a hype of fast fashion in the industry. Let’s dig deep into fast fashion from the start to the present to know the reason behind its hype.

Don’t worry this won’t be boring at all as you’ll only get exposed to the main points and facts about fast fashion rather than its whole history so that you get a clear picture to know what it is.

Okay, here it goes!

What Is Fast Fashion?

Fast Fashion refers to the bulk production of trendy clothing, to sell them in the market at low cost. It is a business strategy to make huge profits through the sale of fast fashion items.

Let’s distribute its meaning into three main points it is made from :

  • Bulk Production 

You all are aware of what bulk production means. Right! So let’s just cut short it. 

Bulk Production here refers to manufacturing a bunch of in-fashion clothing materials to keep up with both changing seasons, i.e the climate season and the trend season.  

  • Trendy Outfits 

If you are reading this you are a fashion lover and must have seen one of those fashion events that happen to feature a brand’s identity through their funky clothing, represented through catwalks, at some point in your life. These trendy outfits are the reason for bulk manufacturing. 

  • Low-Cost Availability 

I mean like who doesn’t love cheap materials? We all do. You all think about spending your hard-earned money wisely. So when you see something which you like and is also cheap, you will buy that. And that’s what the brands want you to do in the first place. The main aim of brands from their fast-fashion clothing line is to gain profit benefits. And to fulfill their strategy, they made available trendy outfits at low cost, so that you consumers tend to buy that. And for a business that one is a hit strategy.

Pros Of Fast Fashion 

You can understand the pros of fast fashion from completely three different points of views :

  • Retailers 

Let’s assume you are a retailer. Your only aim is to make money through huge so if you are getting the results you need, wouldn’t you be satisfied? I know you will be. That is it. From retailers point of view, fast fashion is a pro as they are getting an opportunity to increase their turnover through fast selling of items. 

  • Influencers

If you are a fashion influencer you know that you need to daily create content for your audience. At this time of content creation, trends come in place. Influencers get content to share, and also sometimes get paid to promote certain brands and products. It’s a pro for them.

  • Consumers 

Let’s be honest, what makes you happy when you shop? Cheap items. Right, that’s the answer. So when consumers get trendy outfits at cheap rates, it makes them extremely happy. 

Cons Of Fast Fashion

  • Labour Exploitation 

Due to bulk production and low cost, laborers are required to work for long hours with minimum wages.

  • Harmful For The Environment 

Large quantities of material waste are not healthy for the environment and lead to environmental degradation.

  • Overproduction 

Half of the manufactured items go into waste due to continuous changes in trends. By the time one trendy outfit sells another one is already up for sale, and people tend to buy the latest.

  • Vast Consumption 

Even though this is a pro for the business, still it’s a con for all. Vast Consumption is one of the reasons that encourage its ongoing production.

  • Low-Quality Production 

Continuous and bulk manufacturing leads to low-quality production, which is not a satisfactory outcome for a buyer.

What Are The Reasons For The Hype?

Clothing fashion

Reasons for its hype is mainly because of :

  • Change in the standard of living
  • Social media popularity
  • Fashion Influencers
  • Paid promotions for brands
  • Celebrity inspired looks

Some Brands Which Produce Fast Fashion 

  • H&M
  • Zara
  • GAP
  • Forever 21
  • Old Navy
  • Mango
  • Fashion Nova


To conclude, Fast Fashion involves providing fashion week in-trend clothing in the market with bulk quantity at a low price. This is a great strategy for a business to gain some profits. On the other hand, its ongoing consumption is the reason for the generated hype. 

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