How to Celebrate Eid of 2022 with Joy & Gratitude

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This year’s calendar shows May 3 as Eid. The last day of the fasting month Ramadan falls on May 2. Millions of Islam followers decorate their homes, shop for new outfits, and cook sumptuous delicacies to add to the merriment.

How To Celebrate Eid?

Eid-al-Fitr (or Eid) is well-known as the ‘Breaking the Fast’ festival. It is an occasion that unites the Muslim family and friends in morning prayers, giving charity donations, and having mouth-watering feasts. Eid is also an opportunity to reflect on Allah’s blessings, new beginnings, kindness, and generosity. Let us find out some marvelous ideas to make your home look beautiful this Eid.

1. Deck Up Your Home with Lights

how to celebrate eid

Eid festival has the same pious and festive spirit as Deepavali celebrated by the Hindus. Doing home decoration is customary on Eid. Lighting up the nook and corner of the home brings out the festive nuances.

Dazzle up your outdoors with strings of lights in vibrant colors. Get adventurous and cost-saving by putting LED lights and bulbs, or any other light that suits your home. Lighting will add to the enthusiasm of the festival and remind you of the festival spirit.

2. Use Stars And Moon For Door Hanging

how to celebrate eid

The stars and the moon are considered holy in Islam. Hence, do up different decorations in your house that symbolize the moon and the stars. Make or buy bright-colored star strings and decorate your windows with falling strings to bring a change to your home interiors. It will also give you a feeling that the galaxy stars and moon are right there in your home to wish you an Eid festival.

3. Beautify Your Dining Place

how to celebrate eid

At the Eid festival, the dining table is full of sumptuous meals like biryani, kebab, sheer khurma (a dessert made of Sewai, milk, and dates). This creates a perfect ambiance in your home on a festive day. Bring out your best crockery and serve delicious fare to your guests.

Bring into use traditional crockery and old-fashioned table wear to highlight the festive appeal. Add some flowers and candles to enhance your dining table décor.

4. Think Fresh Flowers For Decoration

how to celebrate eid

There is nothing like flowers in Edi decorations. The fragrance and aesthetic impact of flowers are hard to match. Use decorative vases to showcase the festive flowers for Eid. If you stay in a residential tower, decorate your balcony with flower garlands and mix in fairy lights to complete the festive grandeur.

5. Get The ‘Eid Mubarak’ Wreath

The ring-resembling wreath is an assortment of flowers, twigs, leaves, fruits, and miscellaneous items. On Eid day, you can hang these wreaths on your house door entrance with an ‘Eid Mubarak’ greeting on it. Replicate the wreath at various other points in your house to convey the divine message of Eid.

Final Thoughts

Aside from the above tips, don’t forget to show gratitude to the elders in the family and neighborhood. Give food to the less fortunate and come together as a community. To all readers and well-wishers, here’s wishing you, Eid Mubarak!

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