How To Organize Your Jewelry – The Creative Way!

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Any girl has two musts in her wardrobe – Clothes and Jewelry. Does she ever get bored with them? Nah! As long as she wants the new and the latest things, she can never tire of stocking them. But one thing she has a fetish for is jewelry. The question is how to organize and where to place them in a house with space limitations. Cheer up, as there are many innovative ways to compile your fancy jewelry.

How to Organize your Jewelry

How To Organize Your Jewelry:

Jewelry Holder Hanger

Place your hangar against a plain brick or patterned wall having multiple eye hooks. Give it a brush of metallic coat paint if you want to put an element of fancy on the hangar. Now get your artificial chains and pendants and hang them from the eye hooks. It’s that simple.

Ceramic Holder

How to Organize your Jewelry

Bought a nice and classy decorative bowl from Khurja and kept it in your living room as a coffee table item? Make the best use of it by putting funky bracelets, bangles, rings, and beads inside it. It will save you time from morning searches when dressing up for the day.


Yes, pillbox is not a fancy site to watch. But you can awesomely use it by converting it into an earring or ring holder. The pillbox is the best way to stock your earrings, studs, and rings. You can keep them in sight and under control rather than going mad looking around for them. The small compartments of the pillbox help you keep track of your ring fingers and earrings in the best possible way.

Towel Rod & Curtain Rings

A towel bar and shower curtain hooks give you sufficient space to hang your dainty jewelry items. No need to run around each morning looking for your plethora of chains and bracelets. The towel rod is right there, asking you to pick and go for your date!


Hang your trinkets, necklaces, and other jewelry items on a ladder. It not only serves as a good item of artifact for your dressing room but is also a good way to keep your fancy earrings, bangles, and necklaces in position.

Foam Board

How to Organize your Jewelry

If you cannot do it, get your house carpenter to fix a foam board on the wall of your room. All you need are pin sockets or ball pins on the board, and you can go on fix college jewelry on it. Whether it is danglers for ears, gold plated chains or beads, your jewelry closet would look so very attractive and colorful, isn’t it?

Lace in a Frame

The mirror frame looks alright. But it will look even more cute and lovely when you see earrings dangling from it. Fix rows of laces in the mirror frame and keep hanging your sweet jewelry accessories from it. It’s a unique way to use the mirror and a great way to keep your jewelry items in front of you.

Cabinet Knobs on Wood

The wooden cabinet can look sturdy and space-worthy too. Just keep hanging your armlets to jewelry knick-knacks from the eyeholes in it. You will feel happy about finding your new jewelry storage space.

Now that you have had a look at the ways to organize your jewelry, start adopting these unique tactics.

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