How To Use Facebook To Grow Your Business?

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Facebook is today a pay-to-play marketing platform, and that’s a simple fact. Although marketers griped and groaned when free Facebook marketing ended, they still use social media to market. So why is this? Facebook produces a high return on investment even as a paid platform.

The organic reach of Facebook has decreased because the company focuses on delivering relevant, user-friendly content, and it’s even been called dead by some.

Those in small businesses face particular challenges. Due to your small budget, you can’t pour the same amount of money into paid posts as larger advertisers. However, there is hope for small businesses. The following tips show you how to promote your business using Facebook for free!

Ways to use Facebook to promote your business :

  • Using a fan page, establish a personal business presence

  • Maintain a strong brand identity

  • By joining groups on Facebook

  • Start your group

  • List your events

  • Share your blog

  • Tell your network to share your blog posts

  • Spread the word

  • By streaming live on Facebook

  • Build a community.
how to use facebook

Using a fan page, establish a personal business presence

Social media marketing is one of the social media’s biggest strengths because it allows businesses to build relationships with their audiences. Consumers gain a sense of connection with a brand due to the personal interaction on social media. Imagine how intense this feeling is when the consumer interacts with the person behind the brand and not just “the brand” alone!

Maintain a strong brand identity

You probably won’t appear in your audience’s Facebook news feeds without promoting your company’s Facebook posts, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t post them. These days, Facebook is often used to research companies, whether basic info like contact information and business hours or comments from customers. Engaging your audience through regular and social media posts is a great way to demonstrate that your customers are more than just satisfied; they’re also enthusiastic!

By joining groups on Facebook

When considering online networking, most people think of LinkedIn first. However, Facebook groups offer professionals a similar opportunity. A variety of Facebook groups focus on specific industries, professions, and interests. Consider joining groups where your target audience will be, as well as those where you’ll find colleagues. You will gain recognition as your name appears more frequently within these groups as you participate in them.

Start your group

Are you having trouble finding a Facebook group that fits your needs? You can create one! Members can be added, articles can be published, discussions can be held, and you may meet a lot of prospects. Having control of the group and conversations makes you a leader in your members’ eyes, which will only benefit you once they realize you’re offering a product or service.

List your events

Do you plan to host or speak at a webinar? Set up a Facebook event page and invite your friends and people within the groups you belong to. Find out how many people responded and how the event went by getting feedback.

Share your blog

It is possible to automate sharing your company’s blog posts on your Facebook profile or page if you know you will not have the time or remember. From simple plugins for WordPress to digital marketing software suites, there are many tools you can use to automate this process of posting new blog posts to your Facebook page.

Tell your network to share your blog posts

In addition to posting your company’s blog on your personal Facebook profile, your employees, partners, customers, and even friends and family should also be encouraged to share the post on their social media accounts. This is called cross-pollination, and Shama discusses it in length in her new book, “Momentum: How to propel your marketing and transform your brand in the digital age”.

Spread the word

Have you ever been a fan or admirer of someone’s work? Feel free to contact them on Facebook! Messages on Facebook are checked more often than emails. A Facebook message is also more likely to be replied to. Have trouble sending a message to a stranger? No problem! Let them know you appreciate their work. Make sure you post as your company and not as your account on different social media pages.

By streaming live on Facebook

As a result of live video’s intimacy and immediacy, your viewers will feel as if they are getting a behind-the-scenes peek at the real you, and they will stay for much longer than they would if watching a regular video.

Build a community

You can create a community on Facebook, which may be its greatest benefit. You have access to a group of people who are always in contact with you and eager to hear what you have to say. Engage in authentic conversations with others, whether you write on their walls, respond to their comments, or converse in groups. It won’t take long for you to establish a network of friends who view your business positively.


Even though Facebook marketing has become a pay-to-play model these days, it remains a way to develop relationships, create connections, and share wisdom. If you want to continue to do so for free, you need to know the right strategies.

Robert E. Wilder

Guest author on our blog!

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