Celebrate Independence Day Fashion In Patriotic Style

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Freedom at midnight is the much-awaited day that Indians look forward to every year. It is the day when India became free from the clutches of the Britishers.

This year again at the turn of the midnight hour, it’s time to celebrate, dance, fly kites, and wish everyone a Happy Independence Day.

With the tricolor fluttering, what are your plans for the day? Hear the speech of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, or go out to eat basmati rice in the Indian colors; watch a movie, visit a mall, play with tricolored balloons, put up miniature Indian flags in your home or hang around with friends?

Well, here are some fashionable ideas and patriotic ways to strike an Independence Day feel in your dress code this year.

Wear Colour-Blocked Salwar Kameez

Salwar Kameez - Independence Day Fashion

This is the easiest way to show off the tricolor. Wear shades of the Indian flag to make you look in sync with the patriotic spirit.

Pair a green churidar with a plain white or self-embroidered kurta. You can emphasize the look with a saffron dupatta flaring across your body. It will get you more attention and eyeballs and inspire others to model themselves around.

Drape around a Leheriya Sari


A sari enhances a woman’s femininity. Look fashion-pro and Indian at heart by wearing a leheriya sari on Independence Day.

Explore saffron and green, saffron and white, or green and saffron sari in leheriya designs. For the blouse, wear one having the third color of the flag. Don’t forget to put on your bindi. It will make you look patriotic and enhance your Indianness.

Multi-colored Dupatta

Multi-colored suit

A tricolor dupatta is another understated way to carry the Independence Day look. Consider wearing a leheriya dupatta dotted with saffron, white and green prints. It will make you sport a color-savvy and memorable look.

When wearing a tiranga dupatta, wear a simple white kurta with no color blocks on it. A white kurta with churidar, topped with a leheriya tricolored dupatta, will come up as a stylish twist.

Printed tee


Okay, we know you love your casual wardrobe. Put on a tri-colored tee and show your love for your country on your sleeves.

Consider investing in a simple printed tee that boasts of the national flag. Find a tee that balances fashion with subtle cues. Flaunt your flag with deep respect rather than in a jarring way.



Bangles are equally fashionable in expressing your love for the tricolor. They speak femininity and are symbolic of Indian culture. Wear saffron, green and white bangles to look traditional yet glamorous.

Final Thoughts

You can celebrate your Independence Day office party in the tricolor dress code. Salwar kurta, saree, angarakha are versatile ways to wear patriotic colors.

There are more such versatile ways in fashion to celebrate the spirit of independent India and the courage and sacrifice of freedom activists. You can explore the colors of the Indian flag in the jewelry you wear on this day. Try different permutations and combinations in your wardrobe picks without hurting the Indian sentiments. Wishing you Happy Independence Day.

Deepika Dewan

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