Why Top Chefs Have Switched To Induction Hobs And You Should Too?

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Induction cooktops are becoming more prevalent due to their easy cooking experience. They are much more effective and help you to cook up to 50% faster, making them considered a successful alternative. You must evaluate numerous factors when you buy the correct induction cooktop. Such as wattage, cooking time, controls, layout, and cooking alternatives. Enumerating a few possible factors one should keep in mind before picking the perfect induction cooktop. We hope to make one’s job simpler. Technology has always come with some additional cost to spare for the consumers. One should also be aware of some of the quirks that might erupt.

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Advantages Of Using An Induction Cooktop

• The energy is not lost in the transmission process, since the inductive stoves and cooktops are more efficient in electricity than gas or coal. A lot of energy is lost in the air in the containers with gas and electricity ranges. Just the cookware heats with induction, which essentially means energy and cost-saving. It facilitates one with a quicker preparation time and is energy efficient and can help a nuclear family per se to minimize their living costs.

• Since the induction process only heats up the utensil used for cooking, the top surface of the cooktop is comparatively cooler, which makes it safe from any injury or any severe fire hazard. This is considered to be an environment-safe option to be considered for the household since it does not indulge in the combustion of any kinda fuel.

Fear Of Food Affected By Magnetic Waves In An Induction Cooktop

• The fear of food is affected by magnetic waves which tend to function through induction is quite common. On the other hand, this fear is mere speculation since the electromagnetic waves in the coils of the cooktop stay within the mechanism and there is no chance of the food being contaminated by it. It makes the food by generating heat in the process and not by inducing electromagnetic radiation into it.

Things One Should Keep In Mind Before Making An Informed Choice Of An Induction Hob

Power Usage

When searching for an inductive cooktop, the first aspect one must take into account is power consumption. A higher power rate guarantees quicker cooking, but it does cost more. Most cooktops induction rate from 1000-2000W. So if anyone is willing to spend some extra amount for a quicker service, a higher wattage product would be advisable.

A Pre-set Menu

Some of the latest cooktops feature a pre-set menu for the convenience of users. The pre-set menu sets the oven temperature according to the dish one is cooking. Thus, if you boil milk, make rice, fry vegetables, the cooktop induction changes the temperature to perfectly cooked meals with a single tap.

Safety Features

This is also a vital consideration when searching for a cooktop for induction. Modern induction cooktops have a self-pan detection mechanism to guarantee the heating is switched off as soon as the cookware is removed from the cooktop. Furthermore, the cooktop automatically switches off when the pan is too hot if one forgets to turn off the appliance.

Portability And Storage Space

One can choose between portable or fixed cooktops depending on their convenience. It is easy for the customer to bring the device anywhere they want with a compact induction cooktop. Be it on your rooftop or backyard where you plan to cook. A portable cooktop makes it easy everywhere to transfer one’s unit.


Top chefs around the globe have been switching to the best induction cooktops in India, in order to save time in the kitchen. And also maximize their efficiency and productivity in the backrooms of a successful restaurant. It is also easier to maintain hygiene in the kitchen with such a minimalist approach. This also helps the chefs to work more effectively due to less heat from the stove. It helps them to serve their guests quickly and with extra precision. Since it is an energy-efficient method to prepare scrumptious delicacies, chefs around the globe have been keen on installing them into their kitchens. Hence, when the greats of the kitchen are moving towards it, then why should you stay behind in the race towards greatness.

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