8 Yummy Facts on International Chocolate Day

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For some people, eating chocolate is a favorite pastime; for some, it is a yummy passion. Most of us like to conclude a meal with something sweet and delicious. A chocolate bar fills the gap through taste and mood upliftment. It’s hard to live without chocolates in summers, winters, or any season. Gourmet chocolates are gaining vital importance for personalized gifting and celebrations. International Chocolate Day this year falls on September 13. Here are some cool facts to help you celebrate this much-loved day.

international chocolate day


Chocolate made its debut about 4,000 years ago when the Olmecs began refining cocoa beans into chocolate, which they used for their customary rituals and as medicine. Today chocolate is found everywhere, whether white chocolate, dark chocolate, or hot chocolate.


Chocolate can be traced back to 450 BC when it originated in present-day Mexico.


Any guesses on the chocolate word meaning? It is derived from “chocolatl” meaning hot water, and the Aztec word “xocoatl” meaning bitter water.


Cocoa beans were once perceived as a valuable item that the Aztecs or native Americans used as a currency. They believed that the cocoa beans were no less than God’s gift. The native tribes drank it to prepare for the war.


According to a fable, chocolate found its way to Spain in the 16th century, through a Spanish explorer, Hernan Cortes, who discovered cocoa during his American journey. From then on, chocolate spread to Europe.


Chocolate-making was a time-consuming process that restricted it to upper-class consumption, owing to its expensive tag. In 1828, a Dutch chemist called Van Houten invented the chocolate press, which made chocolate more accessible to the average person and enhanced mass production. The machine invented could help squeeze the roasted cocoa beans to get the fine cocoa powder needed to make chocolate.


In the 20th century, cocoa is grown and exported from over 50 countries, at over 4.7 million tons a year. In 1973, the International Cocoa Organization was set up.


Dark chocolate has polyphenols for tooth protection. It helps fight cavities and tooth decay and prevents mouth odor.

international chocolate day

The rich legacy of decadent chocolate is noteworthy. Find a chocolatier near you and treat yourself. Why wait till Valentine’s Day to show some love to your parents or your better half? Send across customized chocolates, this international chocolate day, to your friend or dating partner. Eat chocolates wherever you are, reason or no reason.

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