Kanjeevaram Sarees: Fascinating Pick For Personal Wardrobe to Festive Gifting

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In Bollywood, you will see many female stars sharing their love and fascination for Kanjeevaram Sarees. Late Sridevi, Hema Malini, Vyjayanthimala, Rekha, and Usha Uthup have looked gorgeous as ever in their heavy zari-filled Kanjeevarams.

Kanjeevaram (also called Kanchipuram) has wooed and wowed many generations, despite its price tag. A Kanjeevaram is a precious, antique, and memorable silk. Kanjeevarams symbolize South Indian weddings, which is why they reflect a state of luxury, pride, and superiority.

Kanjeevaram: A Heavenly Delight in Silk

The weaving technique of Kanchipuram silk sarees is also special. It features three single silk threads and a single zari thread. Then they are woven together as end-pieces with thick zari threads. A weaver takes an average of 10-20 days to make a simple Kanjeevaram saree, and one month for a decorative Kanjeevaram.

It is easy to make out an original Kanchipuram, since the saree field and the pallu are woven separately first and then followed up by interlocking together.

kanjeevaram sarees

Kanjeevaram Themes and Motifs

The motifs in a Kanjeevaram are sourced from nature. You will get to see parrot, peacock, swan, lion, sun, moon, mangoes, leaves, jasmine buds as motifs in a Kanjeevaram. You will also find temple architecture dressing up a Kanjeevaram as coins, chariots, and epical scenes from Indian religious scriptures such as Ramayana, Mahabharata, and Bhagavad Gita.

Beauty is all about beholding the best. The best patterns of a Kanjeevaram saree include Kuvilkann (nightingale eye), Mayilkann (peacock eye), Rudraksham (Rudraksha beads), and Gopuram (temples).

Kanjeevaram Saree Weaving

Pure mulberry silk thread and craftsmanship go into the making of Kanchipuram pattu sarees. Metallic threads (also called zari) and dyes are other raw materials that go into the making of designer Kanchipuram sarees.

The Kanjeevaram sarees have a body, pallu, and border. Three single threads of silk yarn and zari are deployed to weave designer Kanchipuram sarees or Kanchipuram sarees for weddings.

The pallu of Kanchipuram pattu sarees is woven separately in different shade combinations before it is joined to the saree. Let’s talk about the zari now. If the overall weight of zari is 1 kg, 50% of it will be silver, 5 to 5.5 gm would be gold and the balance would be silk.

Kanjeevaram: The Sustainable Business

Kanchipuram, in Tamil Nadu, has a sizeable share of the silk-sari business.

In Kanchipuram, a Weaver’s Service Centre has been set up to help the producer communities engage in this skilled art for ages. The silk used to weave Kanjeevaram sarees hails from Bangalore, Coimbatore, Hosur, and Dharmavaram.

The rising prices of raw materials such as gold, silver, and raw silk is affecting the weaver community. Despite all this, high-end Kanjeevaram pattu remains the favorite for festivals, weddings, and formal occasions.

The weavers of today are tweaking their weaving methods. Their list of innovations includes making a saree with Swarovski crystals on the body and the pallus of a Kanjeevaram.

Wish to learn about the most expensive Kanjeevaram? It comes from the traditional saree house Chennai Silks and involves the joint effort of 30 weavers in weaving precious stones such as diamonds, ruby, emeralds, sapphires, yellow sapphires, cat’s eyes, topaz, pearls, coral, and some amount of platinum in silk. This Kanjeevaram has a whopping price tag of Rs 40 lakh! The pallu has the famous Raja Ravi Varma painting woven into the saree and entered Guinness World Records.

Now that Kanjeevaram silk sarees have become a saree of choice for brides and socialites, we hope you will incorporate it too in your attire.

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