Prashar Lake Trek – Himachal Pradesh

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If you are looking forward to going trekking in Himachal Pradesh, you should think about the Prashar Lake Trek.

The Dhauladhar mountain range in the Kullu Valley is surrounded by a blue water lake called Prashar.

Prashar Lake trek is a secret in the Mandi District of Himachal Pradesh. That covers hiking along the charming paths through forests and several streams.

The trail also passes through the village, allowing you to appreciate the local culture. You can also enjoy 180 degrees of Dhauladhar, Pir Panjal, and the Kinnaur Mountains.

In addition, the local Prashar Rishi Temple by the lake blends in perfectly with the landscape.

Prashar Lake Trek

Prashar Lake Trek

From Kantlu to Prashar Lake

An Overview :

• 6,050 feet (1,844 meters) to 8,900 feet (2,744 meters)

• 1 hour driving + trek for 5 hours on foot, 7.05 km.

• It rises steeply for 500 meters and then gradually ascends for about 4 kilometers. Another 300-meter steep climb, and then an easy hike. In short, a medium slope.

• Bring two liters of water. There is a water source in Til, which is about a 2.6 kilometer walk away.

The Description :

Kantlu is about 2 hours from Mandi. The trail starts in the open country and rises steeply for about 500 meters. You will see the valley on your right. After this, you will enter a jungle dominated by rhododendrons. The trail smoothes out a bit here and gradually ascends. After 400 meters, you will come to a clearing where you can see a panoramic view of the Dhauladhar Mountains.

When you pass through the clearing, the trail enters the oak forest. Continue to climb slowly. After walking for 1 kilometer in the jungle, you come to another clearing. From this open space, the trail enters the motor vehicle lane. Take this road for the next 700 meters. Then you will come to a place called Til.

From Til, look for Kachha Road. Climb here for about 600 meters until you reach another small meadow. Once you start walking from the grass, you will find an apple orchard. After 700 meters, you will cross the highway again. From here the trail climbs steeply 300 meters. This part is a bit strenuous.

After this, you will immediately reach the open space. The mountains you see from left to right are Triund, Dhauladhar Matterhorn, Kap Chuli, Man Hill, Hanuman Tibba, Sikar Beh, Mukar Beh, Manali Peak, Friendship Peak, Mukila, Ali Ratni Tibba, and several surrounding the beautiful valley Smaller mountains.

At 300 meters, you enter another forest. The path here is very flat, followed by a short climb. Go down to the lake and explore the surrounding environment. You will also find two shepherd’s huts here.

Reach To The Destination :

From the lake, follow the motorable road for 1.7 kilometers. Before reaching Prashar, you will see some houses. Turn around once you cross them. You can see the lowlands from here. Once you reach the edge of this lowland, a beautiful lake will appear, that is Prashar.

Prashar Lake is protected by a fence and cannot be accessed. There is a circular floating island in the lake. If you are lucky, you will be able to see how the island moves when you are there. There is a beautiful temple by the lake, dedicated to Saint Prashar with wonderful architecture.

Now, trek to the nearest lake to watch the sunset, and return to watch the sunrise the next morning. From here you can see the entire mountain range, including Papsura and Dharamsura.

From Prashar Lake to Kantlu

An Overview :

• 8,900 feet (2,713 meters) to 6,050 feet (1,844 meters)

• 4445 hours

• 47.47 kilometers simple. It is primarily a downhill path, with few short ascents.

• Bring two liters of water.

The Description :

When you will return to Kantlu, the route might be different. Walk 1.5 kilometers from Prasha Lake along Katong Lake. From here, leave the motorable road and turn right. This is a narrow path through the grassland.

After 700 meters on this road, you will see a small pump house. This is a beautiful and peaceful place, surrounded by forests. The trail enters the dense forest from here. There is another detour after 500 meters, you must take the path on the right. The trail gradually descended after the pump room. After 1.2 kilometers, you will reach the ascent point.

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