Shawls Make Your Winter Ensemble Chic

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A host of celebrities and socialites like to wear it at cocktail parties and social functions. The very elegant Sharmila Tagore to stunning Angelina Jolie has worn this testimony of craftsmanship and splendor. No wonder they look like a graceful goddess in this exquisite-looking fashion accessory.

We are talking about Shawls, the most beautiful way to enhance one’s feminine appeal in winters. They are also an uber-cool way to increase your fashion quotient in the winter chill.

shawls for winter

Winters bring their sense of charm and warmth. The modern-day dressing may compel you to cozy yourself in woolen knitwear, but die-hard fashionistas would never let the winter chill dampen their vintage fashion spirit.

There are different shawls for daily and occasional winter wear:

Wrapping yourself in a few yards of a shawl adds unique elegance and flair to your outfit. A shawl is also a work of art than just a winter fashion accessory. Over the last few years, the number of males wearing shawls drives home the need for gender-specific shawls.

Let us know more about them.

Pashmina Shawls

A Pashmina in the Persian language means “made of wool”. This type of shawl is made of fine cashmere wool sourced from a special breed of Pashmina goat found in the Himalayas. A good quality Pashmina stands out in its warmth and feel. Pashmina fiber is adaptable to lightweight apparel such as scarves.

Cashmere Shawls

Cashmere Shawls are not only for winter warmth; they also look enchanting as wedding shawls. Exquisite hand-embroidered cashmere shawls attract a premium price. No wonder they carry the stamp of magnificence and luxury.

Silk Shawls

A silk shawl has its distinctive charm. It radiates warmth, whether wrapped around as a shawl or a silk wrap over a costume. Local artisans in Nepal, Vietnam, and Thailand specialize in making hand-embroidered silk shawls.

Jamawar Shawls

A Jamawar shawl is a special type of shawl made in Kashmir. It is highly valued for its fabric quality. Kings and nobles bought the Jamawar fabric by the yard and wore it as a shawl wrap or as a gown. It is the oldest form of woven art and depicts Kashmir’s craftsmanship in hand embroidery.

Shawl Care Tips

shawls for winter

Shawls such as hand-spun pure Pashmina need exquisite care to preserve their softness and warmth. While professional dry cleaners help keep your pricey shawls in shape, here are some DIY tips that will help you look after them.

Wash your Pashmina with shampoo and lukewarm water first and then use a garment conditioner to keep your shawl feeling soft for years together.

Avoid squeezing or twisting your Pashmina shawl.

Air-dry your Pashmina shawl. Avoid exposure to direct heat, sunlight, or dampness.

While ironing your Pashmina, use a cool iron over a damp cloth and run from inside the garment. Fold it carefully and pack it in a dry tissue or well-sealed plastic storage box.

Use naphthalene mothballs and cedar chips for your Pashmina protection from moths.

Do not overwear your Pashmina. Give it a break of 2-3 days before wearing it again.

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