Sustainable Fashion

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They say anything sustainable must have the capability to long ahead in future with it’s ongoing power of quality. Now, as you know the meaning of sustainable, you probably must have guessed it’s role in fashion also. Nevertheless, you’ll still get to know the whereabouts of sustainable fashion.

Ethical fashion

What is sustainable fashion?

Sustainable Fashion is such fashion that completes its every single stage without disrespecting the environment and its people. It is also sometimes referred to as Ethical Fashion or Slow Fashion.

Let’s elaborate!

So, as you know that every raw item has its own set of processes that it needs to follow to be able to provide its consumers with the best end product. With that being said, here comes the point of reliability or maintenance of something. The final output that is prepared to be used by all should not have gone through any unethical practices such as material and labour exploitation for its production. In the end, that’s what makes fashion sustainable.

Thus, fashion is called to be sustainable when there is :

  • No labour exploitation through excessive working hours and less wages.
  • No unnecessary production which leads to material and money wastage.
  • None harm given to the environment by using chemicals or harmful elements and materials.

Pros :

  • Adequate production.
  • No environmental degradation.
  • No labour exploitation.
  • High-Quality production.
  • Less consumption.

Cons :

  • Less sales.
  • Costly items.
  • Not so trendy production.

Why sustainable fashion matters?

Sustainable Fashion

Are you aware of the term fast fashion? If yes, then you are well aware of the situation it has created in the environment. Due to the wide consumption of fast fashion clothing, our environment suffered a lot. Usage of non-eco friendly materials has not only led to environment degradation but also contributed in the extreme wastage of money and the materials used for its manufacturing. Which in turn will lead to lack of essentials used in this for the future. That is why it is said to consume less now so that you’ll save better for future generations.

How to create a sustainable fashion?

Well for that, there are some major areas in which you need to focus. Now that requires focusing on everything from the start, i.e., from birth of the material used to its end period of lifetime.

If you want to create an ethical fashion, you need to keep in mind the factors mentioned below :

  • Deciding on the production quantity.
  • Deciding on the type and quantity of materials required.
  • Focusing on the quality of raw materials.
  • Selecting the tools required and its quantity in the creation process.
  • Planning on the number of labour needed.
  • Allocating the appropriate raw materials.
  • Selecting the areas of distribution.
  • Making an assumption plan before production according to customers’ needs.
  • Working on the manufacturing of the item.
  • Checking the reuse capacity of the product.
  • Keeping a track of the material used in the product for the recycle purpose.

Overall the creation process includes planning, selecting, manufacturing, distribution, and it should be legit and done in a healthy aura.


When people talk about the need for sustainable fashion in the industry, they are demanding a kind of fashion that actually lasts long enough, without losing its quality.

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