Brand Swarovski: An Iconic Bling the World loves

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Known for its crystal-based ornaments, fashion accessories, animal figurines, and many more, Swarovski is a bling trend that has become a quintessential fashion collectible and a statement today.

Adorned by women and men for quite many years, Swarovski has become a fashion must on items such as watches, belts, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, purses, and many more.

There have been many unheard-of inventions created out of this dazzling bling – the Swarovski Sedar Curtains are one such piece that is made for prestigious institutions such as palaces and the mansions of rich people around the world over.



Whether it is iPhone cases, clutches, necklaces, ball party shoes, candles, Barbie dolls, crystal pedicures and fingernails, champagne flutes, or ice buckets, Swarovski crystals have become the prized possession of many celebrities worldwide.

The legendary King of Pop Michael Jackson had made a comeback with over 300,000 Swarovski crystals embedded in his clothes and accessories. Such was the craze of David Beckham for the ‘Bling’ that apart from his collection of watches, clothes, and earrings, even his MP3 player contained over 12,000 Swarovski crystals.

While Paris Hilton’s love for crystals shows in her immaculately sparkling cellular phone, Katie Price’s addiction to crystals reflects in her beautiful tiara, piano, TV set, and even lampshades. Indeed, the legendary stories of celebrities wearing the Swarovski crystal are many.

The Making Of The Brand Swarovski


A collector’s item for many years now, the Swarovski brand headquartered in Wattens, Austria, is about sparkling perfection in fashion goods.

An indispensable material used by international designers, the brand was born in 1892, when layperson Daniel Swarovski invented the cutting machine that helped him in cutting the crystal to perfection.

It was in the year 1913 when Swarovski and his family, comprising three sons, built a plant to produce zero error crystals in a place next to the family’s villa. The crystal had 32% lead that maximized its refraction capacity, making it famous. With time, Swarovski’s great depth of precision in making brilliant crystal stones for jewelry items made him reach the corridors of famous fashion labels in Paris, where his crystal collection received huge success and appreciation.

In the year 1976, it was the Swarovski crystal mouse that became the first product placed on the consumer shelf, followed by the jewelry collection and many more crystal-based items.

The Swarovski logo, a swan, represents the brand’s iconic identity that fashion celebrities and glitterati aspire to possess. On the legendary 100th anniversary, the Swarovski group opened their indoor theme park of none other than crystals! Called the Swarovski Kristallwelten (meaning Crystal Worlds), the theme park is tinted with crystal creations, picturesque waterworks, labyrinths, and superb light effects. It’s a crystal story worth watching.

The Crystal Process


Swarovski Crystals are the new spark for bringing individuality and a customized look to your dressing. But for the curious minds, it will be a fancy surprise to know about the intricacies of this fashion bling.

The sparkling Swarovski Crystals evolve after adding various crystals on soft fabrics to hard plastics and metal using glue applicators. All one needs to know is about decorating the foundation of the bling. Irrespective of the design, the first thing that we need is crystal beads and an adhesive sheet that can be cut to the size of the product. To this sheet, we attach the flat back crystals. Once done, it is ironed onto the item of fashion clothing or accessory. It is now that the adhesive bonds the crystals to the fabric. Now what we need is an iron to provide the temperature that would melt the adhesive on the hot sticker and bond it to finality. What now evolves is the beautiful bling shining blissfully on your product.

Swarovski-Studded Fantasies


With jewel-like opulence and rich color, the Swarovski bling has come a long way. Today, it is a label of inspiration in the fashion fraternity that has not just found its pride in place but also shown a whole new world of possibilities in luxury items.

No doubt the extremely delicate Swarovski-studded sparkles can be seen decorating the crystal figurine purses, rings, bracelets and clutches, glitter lights and chandeliers, luxury crystallized furniture, types of denim and bodysuits, neck scarves, crystal-encrusted heels, and stilettos, writing instruments, jewelry, jackets, bikinis, jewelry crowns, watches, crystal figurative and cartoon pendants, headphones and earbuds, toys, inspirational messages on T-shirts, USB Pendants, glam crystal lighting, sporty cars, bathrooms, wine coolers, microphones, and endless products.

Whichever is your preference, light up any occasion or mood with the iconic bling of Swarovski crystals and see the elegant embellishment make a crystal inspiration on the glitterati and the ones close to your heart.

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