Know how to Preserve your Tattoo by learning Tattoo After Care

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So, you are happy with finding the right tattoo artist, and walking with the tattoo of your dreams? The next step is to ensure that your gorgeous tattoo stays that way! Well, you might commission a tattoo artist to create the tattoo of your dreams. But how long it will last depend on tattoo after care. Apart from the techniques available, there are some best tattoo aftercare products.

Here are some tips on how to care for a new tattoo which will help you preserve them for a long time.

Avoid Removing The Bandage On Tattoo

tattoo after care

The role of a bandage is to protect your new tattoo from dust and microorganisms. So, it makes sense to keep the bandage over the new tattoo for at least 4 to 6 hours. Don’t remove it immediately. Once you have removed the bandage covering from the tattoo, discard the idea to re-bandage it.

Wash Your Tattoo With Anti-Bacterial Soap

When you have removed the covering, you may think of washing your new tattoo. First, cleanse the sore by washing it with warm water and a gentle medicated soap.

Wash the blood marks gently, if any. Avoid scrubbing and never, ever rub your tattoo. Pat and dry gently with a soft towel or simply let it air dry. This will help you make the most of the tattoo aftercare tips.   

Make it a point to use lukewarm water, not hot water, because the latter would end up burning your tattoo. 

Apply Healing Ointment On Tattoo Area

One of the best tattoo aftercare products is A+D® Ointment, which is used by most tattoo artists during the tattoo process. This helps heal the new tattoo quickly and effectively. Apply a thin coat of ointment on the tattoo area with clean fingers 2 to 3 times daily to reap the results. 

A+D® Ointment is most often used for diaper rash, and it is a great lubricant for the tattooist.

Use Alcohol-Free Moisturizer

After some days of applying healing ointment, use alcohol-free moisturizer to moisturize the tattoo and skin. Ensure that your tattoo stays moisturized, which will help in keeping your skin smooth and tattoo color bright. The moisturizer should be fragrance-free. You can always consult a pharmacist about the product which is best for your tattoo and skin.

Talking of long-term best tattoo aftercare products, Hustle Butter is one such brand that provides you with instant relief in contact after you get a tattoo. It has a mixture of mango, papaya, cocoa, shea, and other kinds of butter, which make it smell delicious, apart from reducing redness, swelling, and bleeding.

Shield Your Tattoo From Direct Sun Exposure

tattoo after care

Once you have shielded your tattoo with your new ointment, it is time to safeguard it from the sun’s harmful rays. Or else, they might fade away or cause injury to your new tattoo. Put on sunblock with a minimum SPF of thirty or higher on your tattooed area before you get into the sunshine for a longer time.

Never Pick Or Scratch Tattoo

After some days when you have got your fav tattoo inked, you might notice some amount of flaking. Do not get into the trap of scratching your tattoo. Let the scab fall off your skin on its own because the moment you itch your skin, you might end up ruining your tattoo as well as its brightness.

Avoid Contact With Water For Longer Duration

If your tattoo is on your hand, then avoid washing the dishes or doing the laundry for some weeks. When you soak your tattooed hand in water or any form of water, it can cause injury.

Avoid going for prolonged showers, even swimming for 2-3 periods when you have your new tattoo on.

Few Don’ts In How To Care For A New Tattoo

  • Avoid swimming as swimming pools are full of chlorine, which is not good for the tat.
  • When you walk into a tattoo parlor and find it unhygienic, walk out!
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes while getting tattoos. This tip would be helpful if you are going for a foot tattoo.

Before you follow these tips on tattoo after-care, also keep in mind the directions given by your tattoo artist.

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