Temple Jewellery And Choker: A Fine Balance Of Tradition and Modernity

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Jewelry is a woman’s best friend. It defines beauty and adds grace to one’s overall look. Stepping out without a bauble or a charm gives your dressing a half-hearted look. That is where the significance of jewelry comes in. It completes your attire and personality in the best possible way. While modern fashion lovers may associate jewels with Swarovski, pearls, layered necklaces, or costume jewelry, certain old-school jewelry addicts have their minds and fascination fixed on Temple jewellery choker.

Most people associate temple jewelry with something worn to the temple for idol worship. In reality, it is gold jewelry with various Hindu gods and goddesses inscribed on it.

Many Indians believe that temple jewelry, when worn on the festival day, invites good luck and happiness to the wearer. For high-profile jewelry lovers and patrons, temple jewelry is wearing a bit of tradition and opulence.

temple jewellery choker

Little About Temple Jewellery

Historically, each piece of temple jewelry got made using a significant amount of gold, which came as donations by devotees. This also provided security to the temple and promoted temple art in the communities.

Temple jewelry originated around the 9th century during the reign of the Chola dynasty. Many queens and high-profile ladies used to wear temple jewelry during festivals and special occasions.

The traditional temple jewelry of the ancient years has been made of the finest gold; further embedded with several precious gems and stones.

Since this kind of traditional jewelry-making originated in south India; particularly Chennai, you can see many traditional South Indian dancers wearing it during their performances.

It is no surprise that Indians want to go back to their roots, and in this context, they are quite eager to flaunt antique jewelry that depicts the ancient era.

Gemstone-studded temple waist belts and hip chains add to the wearers’ exquisite looks. Experiential lovers can wear bangles, nose rings, anklets, and necklaces made of temple jewelry.

Choker–Contemporary Jewelry For Fashionistas  

temple jewellery choker

Next time you pull a Banarsi or rich Kanjeevaram sari out of your wardrobe for a music or dance invitation, pair it with a Choker neckpiece to get all the limelight and fan-following.

Choker necklaces were very popular in the 90s among celebrities who wore them more for their artistic look and appeal. A Choker is a tight-fitted necklace worn for fashion occasions and is still a favored trend among youngsters and working professionals.

A lot of materials go into the making of Choker jewelry, such as velvet, plastic, beads, and costly metals such as silver, gold, platinum. Some of the common and occasion-specific chokers include Victorian, vintage, open collar, Gothic, pendant, gemstones, even tattoo pieces.

Choker is getting to be increasingly popular with the fashionistas. From traditional motifs dripping in diamonds and other precious stones, choker neckpieces are available today in a vast collection of boutique designs. These look great for bridal trousseaus.

Final Thoughts

Temple jewellery and choker symbolize Indian culture and modern tradition. They give you a well-balanced look when worn judiciously. Wear it, preserve it and pass it on to your newlywed friends and family members.

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