10 Types Of Styles You Must Try-On

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If you’re a fashion influencer or blogger looking for some style ideas to share with your followers on social media, then you have spotted the right place to work on different types of styles that exist.

Types Of Styles You Should Go For:


Artsy style

Literally like the name, Artsy Style is all about art and creativity. If you want that out-of-the-box look, then I suggest you go for this style. You know some people have this inborn talent and instinct in terms of fashion, where they instantly pick out completely two different sets of clothing and make it one hell of an outfit. So, if you want to dress artsy, you too have to be creative, explore more by getting out of your comfort zone and try some matching and mismatching with your clothes to create a unique outfit. Work with different clothing sets, color combinations, accessories, and inspire others with your look. At last, creativity and art are what you need your attire to represent in the end.


Bohemian style

If you’re someone who feels connected to nature somehow, trust me you would just admire this style. Bohemian is a very earthy and warm style. This is a historic style that never fails to impress. It is a joint art of organic materials and copper shades accessories. Having a European touch, the Bohemian or mostly known as the Boho Fashion goes well with antique accessories like pearls and all, in the form of necklaces, bracelets, rings, and anklets. Bohemian Style has a soothing essence and can be easily carried by all.


Chic style

Chic is a bossy style built to rule over like a king or queen. The style is made for the one who loves to hustle. Though this style is formal and sophisticated, still is an extremely sleek and glamorous look. As it’s so beautiful and loved by all, everyone wants to dress up in a chic style. You can wear the chic style at work, formal meetings, and occasionally on travel outings and vacations. Chic style has a level of high-class fashion. Dress up in chic style like a boss.

Color Block

Color block - type of styles

Do you like wearing plains or solid colors? If yes, then you should try creating your whole look in color block style. Color Block style is a mix-matching of solid colors into one outfit. You can use two colors or more than two colors in one attire, but make sure that they are solid colors. Use different color combinations like light and dark, bright and bold, etc., for color blocking. This style is no less than an art to working with perfect color combos. Moreover, the color block is a very spectacular style which receives a lot of eyes up by people.


Grunge type of style

If you’re someone with deep thoughts and strong appeal towards everything this style will suit you. Grunge fashion is one among other types of styles that picturizes a strong personality of a person who is not scared of anyone and is capable of handling whatsoever comes in their way. It is good to give that edgy side of yours a rockstar kinda attire. This is also more like a biker style with intense yet cool shade. When trying this style, work with leather and denim clothes to create that bold grunge look, as these two clothing materials will work best for this type.


Lagenlook fashion - type of styles

Lagenlook is a type of fashion style that displays a wavy look by layer clothing. This is a very stylish and lovely look that suits everyone. Lagenlook style is also known as a layered look. You can either choose a ready-made outfit that has layering or you can gather different clothing to create yourself an outfit with layers. Lagenlook style mostly consists of dresses, gowns, and longline clothing. This is a modern look with little to no accessories. It is a very comfy and beautiful style that can be worn on both casual and formal occasions.


Monochrome - type of styles

Monochrome is a style of single-color apparel. When you wear an outfit whose pieces are of the same color or are shades of the same color, then that is called a monochromatic fashion. This style looks very classy when chosen the right color and its shades with matching accessories. The accessories don’t have to be always of the same color rather be something bold and contrasting in color. Monochromatic outfits shine bright in light and dark backgrounds and expose an elegant fashion style.

Street Style

Street style

Street Style is a type of fashion that is inspired by streets. This style displays different moods of an individual such as cool, savage, loving, sassy, etc. If you want to go for street style, you can wear some denim, casual dresses, and shirts, oversized tees, regular tees, floral tops, ripped jeans, sneakers, and some regular accessories to go with it. You don’t have to stress over this one, just dress the way you want to and in the way you are comfortable. This fashion is very popular among the younger generation. Street style is more like a chill and funky style to showcase yourself in a brilliant, casual, and fashionable way.


Traditional - type of styles

Traditional style defines the various cultures that are there in the world. It is a combined mixture of vast cultural concepts that are being followed all over the globe for centuries. This style gives a sense of comfort and a homely aura among the people with no feeling of being left out. You know there is this thing with traditional attire which gives you confidence and makes you flaunt your look and that too in a good way. People tend to glow differently when they wear traditional outfits. Being traditional doesn’t make this style sober at all, yet it’s classy in itself. It reflects the love and attachment you have with your tradition. There should always be mutual respect towards different cultures without any sort of disrespect of their style. Furthermore, traditional style always grabs eyeballs and is adored by everyone.


Vintage fashion

Go old school with vintage style. Being old-fashioned is not bad at all. Sometimes it’s just nice to relive that evergreen vibe. You must have seen the half-century photographs of the people or any of your elders in the family somehow, and also been curious of fashion at that time. And even if you haven’t yet, now is the time to chat with your elders and get to know what was fashion like at their time, how they used to dress up, hear some stories, read books, watch old movies, or just google it, and just do what you like to get into that vintage feel. Thus, vintage style is all about dressing up the way people used to dress in the earlier days. Create that retro look by molding yourself into it and make others nostalgic by remembering their old times.


If you’re someone who loves to play with colors and experiment with your clothes, you surely must have tried and worn some of these styles before without even actually noticing it. To make it easier for you, here in this blog we have listed some popular types of fashion styles and tried to clear the meaning of them all for you in the simplest way so that you will have an idea of what they are and how you should dress and present yourself in these styles. Both men and women can try these styles without worrying if they should or shouldn’t wear such kind of fashion. Now, what are you waiting for, go try these styles and expose them on social media, if you enjoyed and loved wearing those above-mentioned types of styles.

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