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VLCC is a known brand for skincare and beauty care products with valuable and effective benefits. One of its best offerings is the VLCC Insta Glow Facial Kit, which users can opt for to revitalize their skin health.

Thus, the Zoylee professionals recommend this option for their clients due to the varied natural-based skincare products available here. For the best outcome, you can pick this kit and get professional-level skincare treatment.

Items Available In The VLCC Insta Glow Facial Kit


The following are the main types of products you would notice in the VLCC glow facial package:

Saffron Massage Gel

The gel has natural ingredients like mulberry extract and saffron. The former has antioxidant properties that rid the skin of all free radicals. In addition, saffron protects against acne, heals acne scars, brightens skin, and removes sun-tan and aging signs.

Indian Berberry Massage Scrub

Here, the scrub is composed of papaya seed and date extract, both of which have beneficial effects on the user’s complexion.

Jojoba Oil

In the kit, there is a small vial full of jojoba oil available. It has efficient moisturizing and cleansing properties and works favorably for acne-prone skin. Also, it reduces sunburn effects and improves dry and dull skin conditions.

Insta-glow Face Pack

The Insta glow face pack is useful for different types of skin and effectively rejuvenates the dermis layers after application.

Snigdha Face Cream

The Snigdha face cream comes with wild turmeric and licorice content. Turmeric works well to provide instant skin glow and reduces blemishes and acne signs.

On the other hand, licorice is best for soothing inflamed skin and itchiness.

Why use facial service?

VLCC Facial

There are multiple benefits of choosing a professional-level facial service through the Zoylee Online Salon Booking App.

Here are the main reasons why you should consider getting this service :

Better skincare routine

The skincare salon professionals properly assess the clients’ skin conditions before offering a facial treatment for them. Based on your skin condition, the experts can suggest good products for your daily skincare regime. They offer useful tips, too.

Rejuvenates the skin fully

You can get healthier skin after going for a facial service. This generally involves applications like extraction, exfoliation, massages, and rejuvenating face masks. Later on, you would notice a more balanced skin tone and healthier skin radiance.

Remove aging signs naturally

Many of the technologies, massaging techniques, and facial treatments common during this session can naturally slow down the aging of the skin. Plus, they slowly remove skin-aging signs, too, leaving behind a smooth and soft surface.

To note, the salon specialists learn different methods, use best-quality tested products, and offer multiple facial options to all clients.

Help reduce many skin-centric blemishes

Options like the VLCC Insta Glow bleach are useful selections for clients because of their protective abilities against many skin conditions.

Typically, facials help get rid of skin problems like sun damage effects and sunspots, pimples, whiteheads/blackheads, acne, redness and inflammation, dehydration, rosacea, elasticity, and aging signs like wrinkles.

A compatible type of skincare facial would revitalize the dermis layers appropriately. So, experts suggest getting to know one’s skin condition first-hand.

Cleanses the skin properly

A lot of skincare remedies under a facial service, like regular facials, aromatherapy facial, cream-based massages, and face packs have deep cleansing properties.

The experts available via Zoylee deliver many of these techniques to remove toxins from the dermis layers. Typically, the methods and products are useful for clearing up grease, pollution effects, and dirt.

Also, many of these facials help regulate the sebum levels, which consistently moisturizes the skin. A lot of this content can cause acne, breakouts, and blackheads; so, facials are useful treatments.

Gives a relaxing experience

During a facial service, professionals use relaxing massage techniques that benefit both physically and mentally. Indeed, they provide steady pressurized rhythms on the skin, which boosts blood circulation in the area and tightens skin.

Also, the act relaxes the muscles and dermis layers, while soothing the clients’ senses as well.

What effects can you expect from VLCC Insta Glow Facial Service?

Some of the best VLCC Insta Glow Facial benefits include a clearer skin appearance and smoother tone. This is possible for different skin types and a softer skin texture is noticeable, too.

To note, you would not see a total glow and health improvement of your skin just after one session. The best effects appear over time, but visibly so.

How to use Zoylee for your facial service booking?


For booking a salon facial service appointment, download the app version of Zoylee or access the website. Users can quickly register and search through the available salon options in the list.

Then, select the location and pay via the compatible fitted payment gateway option. After choosing the service, book an appointment.


To get a clean and youthful appearance, taking a facial service like VLCC Insta Glow from reliable professionals would benefit you. For best results, consult with a certified dermatologist or salon expert to understand which service would suit you best. Then, make your choice and follow the steps carefully.

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