7 Things to Love in Wimbledon besides Tennis

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A tennis lover knows the charisma of Wimbledon. This affluent corner of South West London is the spot for tennis championships. It’s the place where winners holding trophies on grass courts steal the limelight every year. To be at the Wimbledon final is the dream of many celebrities. But that’s not the only attraction. There is a great itinerary for you to take inspiration from. Think outside tennis for a moment and you will find windmills, museums, theatre, farmers’ markets, and many such interesting places hungry for attention. Let’s take a quick look and enlighten ourselves.

1. Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum

Tennis is perhaps the only word that may resonate in your ears on hearing Wimbledon. But no visit is complete without a trip to The Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum. The Museum gets you up close to the Championships Trophies. You experience the tennis fashion from the Victorian period. With clothing and equipment donated by top stars of tennis, you may spot something from your favorite player. The newest exhibition “Centre Court: 100 Years of Change”, celebrates the Centre Court’s centenary in 2022. What a moment to witness! 

2. Windmill Museum

Be sure to check out the historic Wimbledon Windmill Museum. It was built in 1817 and reopened in 1976 after restoration work. The windmill museum has fascinating displays on milling. You can spot several tools and original machinery. The windmill provides some of the best views of Wimbledon Common. Make use of guided tours. Stop by at the little gift shop on the premises. Consider sipping the traditional afternoon tea at the Windmill Tearooms. 

3. Wimbledon Village

The Wimbledon Village, at the heart of the district, plays host to many cultural events. Enjoy fancy dress on horseback or check out book festivals to get a cultural feel. Visitors will get ample opportunities to explore the streets of Wimbledon for a little fun at boutique shops or weekend wanderings. Check the popular Wimbledon Farmers Market held each Saturday for fresh local produce and food fare. Afterward, wander around the quaint streets of Wimbledon Village. 

4. Wat Buddhapadipa Temple

Wat Buddhapadipa Temple is the charming Buddhist monastery you must check out on your trip to Wimbledon. This Thai-inspired temple–the first of its kind to be built in Britain–is built on four acres of land. It has become one of Wimbledon’s top tourist attractions and features a lovely ornamental lake, flower garden, a pasture, and orchard. Its Shrine Hall is most popular for photo-ops and selfies. Its murals depict the life of Buddha. The ornate glass and exquisite gold-leafed, carved timbers are must-see. 

5. Cannizaro Park

Be sure to spend some time wandering the delightful gardens of Cannizaro Park. It has been public property since 1949 and greets you with countless wildflowers and fresh blossoms. You will also see many wild species here–birds, insects, and red foxes. Cannizaro Park hosts many events, including a popular wellness festival. 

6. Polka Theatre

Polka reminds me of childhood days, polka dots on frocks, shoes, and anything to do with kids. Polka Theatre is dedicated to kids. It boasts of a playground and café, and fun exhibits of toys, puppets, costumes, sets, and props. Take your moody kids to Polka Theatre for wacky and fun plays, and drama workshops. This child-friendly destination was set up in 1979 and attracts 90,000 children each year.  

7. Wimbledon And Putney Commons

This is a 1,100-acre green picnic-friendly space. It was originally known as Caesar’s Camp in appreciation of its Roman past. The name “commons” is derived from the land owned by the Lord of the Manor, whose tenants, known as commoners, were given timber harvesting and animal grazing rights. The Commons offer 16 miles of horse-riding trails and Wimbledon Common Golf Course. 

There are many more fun-filled and engaging spots to check out in Wimbledon. Explore, besides watching a tennis match at Wimbledon.

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